Yoga for weight loss - tips for beginners

There are many different methods for losing weight, each of which has its own characteristics. This article will discuss in detail classical yoga, its advantages, effect, rules and much more.

How it works

Yoga affects weight loss in this way:

  • It improves the functioning of the whole organism, which increases the chances of stabilizing the normal weight of a person.
  • Removes deposits of subcutaneous fat.
  • It speeds up metabolism, so food does not stay in the intestines and fats do not have the opportunity to be deposited so much. As a result, waste and toxins are released.
  • It makes all the muscles of the body work, tightening and toning them, so the fat goes away.
  • Due to physical activity, the calories that come with food burn out quickly, so a person simply does not gain more extra pounds.

Pros of yoga and its advantages over other sports:

  1. This method of gymnastics helps with stress and nervous conditions, as it practices proper breathing and general relaxation of the body.
  2. It perfectly tones the muscles of the body, and contributes to their proper formation and functioning without unnecessary overloads.
  3. Better than all sports improves the flexibility of the joints and the body as a whole.
  4. Increases strength and improves overall health.
  5. Increases blood flow to the head, which promotes brain function.
  6. During classes, people can meditate and come into inner balance, which is simply necessary after a hard day's work.
yoga classes for weight loss

Tips for beginners

  1. If you are just starting to practice yoga, then you should perform simple exercises, since it is harmful to immediately subject an unprepared body to heavy loads. It is best to do warm-up exercises for muscles and joints.
  2. The first workout should last no longer than fifteen minutes, so that the body has time to work, but at the same time not overloaded.
  3. Proper breathing is already half the success, so you need to devote enough time to it.
  4. During menstruation and in the first days after it, classes should be as light as possible and have a calming and relaxing effect.
  5. When exercising, it is better for pregnant women to limit themselves to sitting positions that will not harm the unborn baby.
  6. To benefit from these lessons, you should practice yoga regularly (two to five times a week).
  7. Before the lessons, it is necessary to prepare sportswear and a special rug.
  8. Drafts should be avoided in the room in which the sessions will take place.
  9. To make your muscles flexible, like real yogis, you need to do stretches often.
  10. It is advisable to give up bad habits and eat healthy food so as not to interfere with the beneficial effects of yoga on your body.
  11. Before lessons, you should not eat too much, otherwise you can experience unpleasant bloating. It is best not to eat at all three hours before exercise.
  12. The total class time should be between one and two hours. With longer lessons, the body is subjected to too much stress.
  13. If during training you experience muscle pain, then you should leave difficult exercises and move on to easier ones for a while.

Exercises for weight loss

yoga exercises for weight loss

It is better to start yoga at home with the following exercises:

  1. "Tolasana" (sitting pose). Such an exercise very well helps to develop the muscles of the hands after a long stagnation and also contributes to a better understanding of your body, teaches you to control it. This, in turn, will help with other postures.
    • Sit on the mat.
    • Bend your knees and cross them.
    • Leaning on your hands, balance your body, rising above the carpet if possible.
    • Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
    • Return to starting pose.
  2. Parivrtta trikonasana or triangle (standing). This exercise relieves back pain, strengthens the muscles of the thighs and contributes to a person's weight loss in the lower abdomen, sides and waist. In addition, it helps to build correct breathing (only when performing the pose slowly).
    • Become straight, feet shoulder width apart.
    • Raise your arms and spread them out to the sides.
    • Turn the foot of the left foot to the outside and lean towards it, reaching out with the fingers of the right hand.
    • Stop in this position for thirty seconds, then replace the arm and leg with the opposite one, do the same.
    • At the same time, you need to take care of your body. It must move with the hand.
  3. Asan (pose) in the sitting position "Gomukhasana". This posture improves blood flow to the legs and arms, which has a beneficial effect on future more complex weight loss exercises. In addition, it helps to concentrate and focus on yoga.
    • Sit on the mat and bend your knees.
    • Stretch your right leg under your left knee and straighten your back.
    • Put your left foot on your right.
    • Cross your arms behind your back.
    • Remain in this position for thirty seconds, then switch legs and straighten your arms.

Mandatory exercises include:

  1. Lying pose - "Dhanurasana" or bow.Technique:
    • Lie on your stomach and bend your knees, raise them.
    • Put your hands behind your back and wrap them around the outside of your ankles.
    • Inhale and slowly arch up, slightly lifting the pelvis off the floor.
    • Pull your head back.
    • When exhaling, return to the starting position.
  2. "Bhujangasana or cobra":
    • Lie on your stomach, put your feet together and stretch your fingers.
    • Place your hands under your shoulders.
    • Leaning on your hands, inhale and at the same time rise so that your feet are still on the mat.
    • Bend over and stretch your neck back as much as possible.
    • Make an exit and slowly lie down on the mat.
  3. Standing Pose - "Half Moon or Ardhachandrasana":
    • Get straight.
    • Imagine a line around you and, placing your foot straight, draw a semicircle with your foot so that the leg does not bend at the knee.
    • In this case, the body should also move with the leg, and the arms should be lowered to the bottom.
yoga poses for weight loss

Finish the workout with the following exercises:

  1. "Urdhva Prasarita".This asana is very effective for weight loss because it works the lower part of the body, especially the thighs and abdomen, from which fat accumulations come off.
    • Lie down on your stomach.
    • Close your legs together.
    • Bend your arms and press them to the body so that the palms are under the bones of the pelvis.
    • Gain strength and raise the body and legs, focusing only on the hands.
    • In this case, you should also stretch your neck and head up.
  2. "Virkshasana or tree":
    • Stand up and put both feet together.
    • Raise one leg and bend it at the knee.
    • Rotate it so that the foot is on the inside of the right thigh.
    • Rest it on the leg and open it as wide as possible so that the muscles of the hips and pelvis work well.
    • When you feel that you can stand straight, raise your hands up and linger for a minute.
    • After that, you can rest again.

It affects the muscles of the legs, strengthening them and contributing to the slimming of the thighs. In addition, this posture improves the balance and overall concentration of a person.

Reviews of those who have lost weight

In order to understand what effect can be achieved by doing yoga, consider the reviews of people who have tried it:

  1. Man, 28 years old. "I have long been interested in this way of doing gymnastics, and finally decided to try, besides, there was a need to lose weight. At first it was very unusual and even painful, because before that I had never done any sports before, but after a week of training, the pain in the muscles disappeared and everything became more fun. I enjoyed exercising three times a week for five months. During this time, I lost 11 pounds. At the same time, I didn’t really follow a diet and practically didn’t refuse anything. Now I do it only as a hobby, because I really like this business. "
  2. Woman, 35 years old. "On the advice of a friend, I began to practice these yoga classes to remove my sides and my cellulite. I practiced video tutorials at home twice a week. In the first lessons, I felt wooden, because neither my legs nor my hands really obeyed, but then I got used to it and even got carried away. As a result, in eight months of work, I acquired a completely new figure, slender and beautiful. Lost twelve pounds of fat. In addition, I began to feel stronger and healthier. Now I advise everyone to such a safe method of weight loss.
  3. Girl, 21 years old. "This gymnastics is a real salvation for me. I work at a sedentary job and, accordingly, I am overweight and have big problems with my spine. No diets and fasting helped me, so I decided to try this method as well. I worked out alone, without a coach. The result was, of course, not immediately, and I had to sweat, but after two months I felt better. My figure took on at least some form, and the tension in the spine decreased. I continued training and in another six months I lost eight kilograms, which I am very pleased with. "
  4. Woman, 29 years old. "I have been struggling with my kilograms for more than a year, but I still can’t achieve what I want. When I heard about such fashionable yoga, I could not resist and also started classes. To be honest, I expected better. In my understanding, it should have been a more intense workout, but there was only a warm-up and stretching of the muscles that did not want me to bend in the right direction at all. As a result, I quit the lessons after the first two weeks, because I did not see the result. I didn't fit. "

As a result, according to the comments, we can say that in most cases this method of losing weight helps people and they lose weight. Yoga lessons must be practiced regularly for the effect to be really noticeable.

Doctors' opinions

Doctors consider this gymnastics to be quite productive if it is practiced reasonably and without contraindications. They justify this by the fact that during such lessons a person is not subjected to heavy loads, but only performs gymnastic exercises that help improve muscle tone and bring the general condition of the body in order.

Contraindications to yoga for weight loss

Prohibitions include the presence of such health problems as:

  1. Hernias in the abdomen and on the back.
  2. The first six months after a stroke.
  3. Last months of pregnancy.
  4. Diseases of the heart and kidneys.
  5. Exacerbation of ulcers, cholecystitis.
  6. Hypertension.
  7. Mental illness (although depression can be dealt with).
  8. Tachycardia.
  9. Arthritis and its exacerbations.
  10. After severe trauma to the skull.
  11. After operations not earlier than six months.
  12. With a cold.
  13. When the vertebrae are displaced.

Blitz Tips

  1. Always do a light warm-up before starting class.
  2. After each pose, you need to pause and restore breathing.
  3. Half an hour after class, you should drink a glass of water to bring the water balance back to normal.